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Korean-born, New York-based artist, Bo Mi Jo believes in and practices the concept of ‘The Power of The Present,’ whereby she translates the fleeting moments of a fast-paced life into still spheres on a tranquil surface to create a peaceful and calm clarity.

Elegant and reductive, her minimalist acrylic on canvas oeuvre illustrates the status of ‘the mindful connection with the present moment,’ Bo Mi Jo states: “When we pause and focus on the present moment to gather ourselves floating into one, the overwhelmed flow of a swift current disappears. There only remain objects in still -- objects of things, objects of beings, objects of thoughts, or objects of feelings. Once things, beings, thoughts, and feelings separated from us become objects, we can let ourselves mindfully observe the relationship between these objects and peacefully coexist in the same space with them.”

Bo Mi Jo has exhibited extensively throughout the world. Her art is housed in many prestigious collections across the world, as she continues to dazzle art enthusiasts with her peaceful silence.