1340art MAGAZINE Q3 2018



Every issue of the magazine comes together in its own way, some more intentional and thematic than others. Each one starts off as an amalgam of candidates and possibilities, taking shape as an ever-shifting shortlist of intriguing artists, images, photographs and ideas, and gradually merges into its own intuitive aesthetic and visual dialogue.

This edition, we proudly feature MADaboutART, a non-profit organization in South Africa, selected by 1340Foundation for this quarter. MADaboutART was founded in 2001 to fight HIV using art and education.
Its award-winning curriculum for children and youth uses art as the platform to ignite imagination, have fun and achieve social change. We are therefore extremely proud to be featuring this inspiring organization for this quarter. Proceeds from our Q3 1340Art Magazine competition are being donated toward this incredible cause.

The artists featured in this issue are diverse, yet all of them somehow seem to deal in discovering new meanings and experiences. In this edition, we have featured more photography than usual. These photographers have emerged through the act of representing the overlooked visual flotsam of the ordinary, turning it into something exceptionally noteworthy.

As the editor in chief I have the opportunity to learn so many fascinating things about artists and the artworks they create. Once again in this edition I have had the privilege of discovering a plethora of talent and learn more about some of our amazing featured artists, who they are, where they come from, what they’re passionate about. At 1340Art Magazine, we get to delve into each particular piece of art or photograph, considering the subject matter as well as the overall message, meaning, or mood. We can, when looking closely, even examine some of the materials and techniques used to help create the work that first caught our eye.

All of these elements add to our appreciation of art, whether it’s hanging on the wall of a museum, a gallery, or our living room. But in this edition, I have paid particular attention to the details and stories behind every piece, hoping for these to be felt through each flip of the page, lifted off the paper and transformed into the kind of emotion that inspires all of us, whether art experts or enthusiasts.

I hope you enjoy discovering all sorts of captivating details within a beautiful and meaningful package of ideas, words and images that we have prepared for our readers in this edition.

 Roy Owh,
Editor in Chief